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1. I enjoy teaching.
2. I enjoy supporting people to improve their health.
3. I have multiple interests and a natural curiosity about the world.
4. I have strong verbal and written communication skills.
5. I have an interest and/or ability in art.
6. I am interested in graphic and/or Web design.
7.I am interested in filmmaking and media production.
8. I am interested in developing computer applications.
9. I am interested in cybersecurity.
10. I like to experiment with better and faster ways of doing things.
11. I have a great memory.
12. I like science and math.
13. I am interested in engineering equipment and how it works.
14. I am interested in law, debate, government, and politics.
15. I am interested in health services.
16. I have the ability to correlate and reason.
17. I am interested in aircraft and airport operations.
18. I am interested in new digital marketing.
19. I am good with numbers.
20. I am good at analyzing, comparing, and interpreting data.
21. I am interested in biomedical applications.
22. I am good at organizing and delegating responsibilities.
23. I love chemistry.
24. I am interested in construction processes and development.
25. I am interested in working with sick people.
26. I love coming up with my own ideas.
27. I am interested in sustainability initiatives and the environment.
28. I am interested in physical therapy.
29. I enjoy designing systems to solve problems.
30. I enjoy learning about linguistic and literature.
31. I am good at utilizing contemporary digital tools to conceive, produce, and package contents for a variety of media platforms, including websites.
32. I enjoy exploring how the international environment influences organizations.
33. am interested in evaluating the business function areas of organizations and performing managerial tasks in local and international organizations.
34. I enjoy identifying the functions and operations of the financial markets such as stock markets, bond markets, and foreign exchange markets.
35. I am interested in using appropriate accounting techniques for planning, decision making, and control within organizations.
36. I like analyzing human behavior and labor-management practices in organizations.
37. I like designing and implementing digital marketing and communication strategies.
38. I am interested in applying analytical, critical thinking, and information technology to specialized business problems.
39. I am interested in preparing comprehensive programs for architectural projects, including the assessment of client and user needs and critical review of appropriate precedents.
40. I am interested in understanding the aviation system as an integrated and multidisciplinary environment and the role of professionals working in this sector.
41. I am interested in applying chemical engineering design to produce solutions that consider public health and safety needs.
42. I enjoy identifying, formulating, and solving civil engineering problems.
43. I am interested in identifying, formulating, and solving complex electrical engineering problems by applying the principles of engineering, science, and mathematics.
44. I am interested in designing, implementing, and evaluating computer-based systems, processes, components, or programs to meet the desired needs.
45. I enjoy preparing comprehensive programs for interior design projects, including assessment of client and user needs, critical review of appropriate precedents and a definition of design assessment criteria.
46. I enjoy Identifying, formulating, and solving mechanical engineering problems.
47. I am interested in having the ability to identify, formulate, and solve complex computer engineering problems by applying the principles of engineering, science, and mathematics.
48. I enjoy applying biomedical engineering design to produce solutions that meet specified needs taking into consideration public health, safety, global, social, environmental, and economic factors.
49. I am interested in applying my knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering principles to industrial engineering.
50. I like to identify, formulate, and solve cybersecurity engineering problems.
51. I am interested in applying knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering principles to software engineering.
52. I enjoy learning about best practices to reduce accidents, injuries, and environmental impact in the workplace.
53. I am interested in analyzing health-related issues that are common in the UAE and globally.
54. I am interested in Law and reading legal documents.
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